They Made a Movie About Sheep Farming!

Well, not exactly. The farmhouse got some new technology this week – an Amazon Fire TV Stick. (We had Google Chromecast, but I tripped over its power cord and bent the USB port making it unusable. Quick review on Fire TV – way better than Chromecast.) So I powered up HBO GO last night and saw “A Million Ways to Die in the West” was the featured movie. I could care less about Seth MacFarlane, but am a sucker for Charlize Theron.

Here is the description of the movie taken straight from HBO GO’s website:

“Seth MacFarlane is the most cowardly sheep farmer this side of the Rio Grande in this Old West spoof. When avoiding a showdown gets him dumped, McFarlane vows to win back his girl by challenging her new lover to a draw…if he can learn to shoot first. Enter Charlize Theron as the tough-as-nails wife of a dirty gunslinger who teaches him a few things about handling his pistol.”

(OK, HBO GO, how do you spell his last name? Is is “Mac…” or “Mc…”?)

I couldn’t resist capturing some sheep snippets…

Sheep Farmers are Poor

Sheep Farmer 2

Sheep, Not Cattle

Sheep Farmer 3

Sheep At The Fair

Sheep Farmer 4

Baaaad Sheep Puns

Sheep Farmer 5

Sheep in the Whore House

Sheep Farmer 6

The End



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