30 Sheep in 1 Minute

Last Saturday was our ninth shearing at the Farm. NINTH!  Gwen arrived with her dog Lyle, set up her equipment and took the first sheep from me, a white ewe, around 9:20. 

The usual crew of helpers were all there, too:  Amanda, Ann, Cally (and her son Nick), Cody, Kay, RoAnne, and Vicky.  All in masks, of course.  Thanks everyone.

Before Gwen got started, Cody put a GoPro camera up to capture the action.  Thirty sheep sheared; thirty fleeces skirted, weighed, and bagged; one hundred twenty hooves trimmed; thirty 2 ml doses of CD-T; four hours of work in sunny and warm conditions (nicest shearing day yet) – all in about a minute – click on the image below.  Pretty repetitive.  Peg says we got about 230 pounds of fleeces.

The next day, Peg sorted the bags into five groups and we drove them down to Junction Fiber Mill.  Amanda and Peg take it from here.


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