When To Jump

Peg recorded a podcast last week, and it posted today.  Click below to listen: WHEN TO JUMP She bought a special microphone for the interview.  It’s called a Snowball: Here is the Podcast’s description: Life is short. How do you … Continued

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Jackets and Sweaters

I read short sections from a long story in the New York Times about bringing flannel fabric production back to the United States to my mom who is six weeks in to her residency at a memory care wing in … Continued

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Fall Chores, Repairs, and Rain. Repeat.

Bad enough that we had to set the clocks back so that we can grope around in the dark at 4:30 pm, but the complete lack of blue sky in well over a month is killing me.  Mornings are socked … Continued

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Not Quite on the Cutting Room Floor

At the Norwich Farmer’s Market on Saturday, October 13, we spotted a camera crew wandering around interviewing vendors and customers.  Ashley Nicole Black, a “correspondent” on Samantha Bee’s FULL FRONTAL, was in Vermont doing a story about the Governor’s race, … Continued

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Night Sky and Rainbow

A professional photographer from New York – Todd Cerveris – is in the Upper Valley as part of the Northern Stage production of “Oslo”.  He found our website, came up and introduced himself yesterday afternoon, and shot these photos last … Continued

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Fall Activities 2018

I’ve been doing the farmers market for over five years, but last Saturday was the first time a fellow vendor came over to my booth to ask if I’d come by to castrate her accidental ram lambs born way out … Continued

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Jack’s Blog: The Visitor

She comes to visit, too often in my opinion.  The word on the street is that she is my Beloved Mistress’s sister.  She certainly has a similar tone to her voice and scent to her being, but she will remain … Continued

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Done Lambing

It’s hard to write up a summary of this year’s lambing because I am still not certain our last lamb, Rita’s boy, is going to make it.  He’s three weeks old and still all skin and bones, but the good … Continued

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Get Rich Quick Scheme

At last I have discovered the best get rich quick plan, not that sheep wool hasn’t been – ah, never mind, since moving to Vermont and with just a little bit of manual labor, I’ll be raking in the moola. … Continued

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Who Am I Kidding? Not Me. Part Two

Saturday, January 6, 2018 This morning I drove to the tractor store in wicked winds and subzero weather, bought two different filters and a white and a red bottle of additives.  The red one is called “911” and is used … Continued

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