Peggy Gets Back Into the Groove

You’d think winter on the farm would be slow and to some extent you’d be right.  Some of the work is prepping for the big work. Do we have enough CDT, a vaccine we’ll give to first time moms about … Continued

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Parade of Clouds

One of our neighbors, Jerry, likes to play around with time lapse photography.  He shared this on the neighborhood list serve this week, and gave me permission to post it.  Click on the image. Here’s what Jerry wrote: I recently … Continued

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It Takes a Village – Sheep Farming Version

Sunday, May 19, 2019. WARNING! THIS IS A LONG POST.  I STARTED IT OVER TWO WEEKS AGO, WHEN I THOUGHT LAMBING WAS ALMOST DONE. We’ve come to the end of lambing season, and it has been surprisingly smooth and productive, … Continued

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Staging for Shearing

Friday, March 22, 2019 Tomorrow we’ll shear for the 7th time on the farm.  Gwen Hinman and the usual GREAT support team of knitters, spinners, and shepherds will arrive around 8:30 am.  About four hours later, we’ll have: About 180 … Continued

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Ides of March at the Farm

Saturday, March 16, 2019 Shearing is a week from today – Saturday, March 23rd.  It’s Peg’s favorite day of the year, and a great group of helpers will be here to help us skirt, weigh, and bag the fleeces.  I … Continued

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Chills and Chores

The wind honked all night, roof vibrating, vents flapping, an omnipresent whistle caused by I don’t know what pitched up high, disappeared, came back and rose louder. It’s scary and it’s not, depending on what you’ll let your mind do … Continued

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When To Jump

Peg recorded a podcast last week, and it posted today.  Click below to listen: WHEN TO JUMP She bought a special microphone for the interview.  It’s called a Snowball: Here is the Podcast’s description: Life is short. How do you … Continued

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Jackets and Sweaters

I read short sections from a long story in the New York Times about bringing flannel fabric production back to the United States to my mom who is six weeks in to her residency at a memory care wing in … Continued

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Fall Chores, Repairs, and Rain. Repeat.

Bad enough that we had to set the clocks back so that we can grope around in the dark at 4:30 pm, but the complete lack of blue sky in well over a month is killing me.  Mornings are socked … Continued

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Not Quite on the Cutting Room Floor

At the Norwich Farmer’s Market on Saturday, October 13, we spotted a camera crew wandering around interviewing vendors and customers.  Ashley Nicole Black, a “correspondent” on Samantha Bee’s FULL FRONTAL, was in Vermont doing a story about the Governor’s race, … Continued

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